Last edition’s speakers

Alexander de Croo

Prime Minister, Kingdom of Belgium

Thierry Breton

Commissioner for Internal Market, European Commission

Josep Borrell Fontelles

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President, European Commission

Hadja Lahbib

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Belgium

Ludivine Dedonder

Minister of Defence, Kingdom of Belgium

Milena Stoycheva

Minister of Innovation and Growth, Republic of Bulgaria

Anna Christmann

Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy, Federal Government of Germany

Thomas Dermine

State Secretary for Science Policy, Recovery Program and Strategic Investments, Kingdom of Belgium

Tore Onshuus Sandvik

Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway

Stefan Schnorr

State Secretary for Digital and Transport, Federal Republic of Germany

Maroš Šefčovič

Executive Vice-President and Commissioner, European Green Deal, Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight, European Commission

Virginijus Sinkevičius

Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, European Commission

Christophe Grudler

Member, European Parliament

Niklas Nienass

Member, European Parliament

Kris Peeters

Vice President, European Investment Bank

Josef Aschbacher

Director General, European Space Agency

Timo Pesonen

Director-General, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Philippe Baptiste

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CNES

Paul Bate

Chief Executive Officer, UK Space Agency

Ricardo Conde

President, Portuguese Space Agency

Prof. Isabel Pérez Grande

Director of Science, Technology and Innovation, Spanish Space Agency

Christian Hauglie-Hanssen

Director General, Norwegian Space Agency

Walther Pelzer

Director General, German Space Agency, DLR

Teodoro Valente

President, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

Teresa Riesgo Alcaide

Secretary General for Innovation, Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities, Spain

Lord David Willetts

Chair of the UK Space Agency's Board

Samantha Cristoforetti

Astronaut, ESA

Phil Evans

Director-General, EUMETSAT

Florence Rabier

Director General, ECMWF

Major General Philippe Adam

Commander, French Space Command

General Franco Federici

Military Advisor to the Prime Minister of Italy

General Luca Goretti

Chief of Staff, Italian Air Force

Brigadier General Isaac Crespo Zaragoza

Commander, Spanish Spatial Command

Aarti Holla-Maini

Director, UNOOSA

Jiří Šedivý

Chief Executive, European Defence Agency

Rodrigo da Costa

Executive Director, EUSPA

Elisabeth Hamdouch

Deputy Head of Unit Earth Observation, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Patrick Chatard-Moulin

Acting Head of the Space Division, European External Action Service (EEAS)

Christophe Allemand

Strategic Programme Manager, Connectivity & Secure Communication Directorate, ESA

Simonetta Cheli

Director for Earth Observation programmes, ESA

Rolf Densing

Director of Operations, ESA

Sorin Ducaru

Director, EU Satellite Centre

François Arbault

Director, Defence Industry, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Christoph Kautz

Director, Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Ekaterini Kavvada

Director for Secure and Connected Space, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Javier Benedicto

Director of Navigation, ESA

Eric Morel de Westgaver

Director of European, Legal and International Matters, ESA

Géraldine Naja

Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness, ESA

Daniel Neuenschwander

Director of Human and Robotic Exploration (HRE), ESA

Toni Tolker-Nielsen

Acting Director of Space Transportation, ESA

Katsuya Sudo

Director, JAXA Paris Office

Fiammetta Diani

Head of Market, Downstream and Innovation, EUSPA

Guillaume de la Brosse

Head of Unit, Innovation and New Space - Space Defence, European Commission

Paul Counet

Head of Strategy and International Relations, EUMETSAT

Vincent-Henri Peuch

Head of Site ECMWF Bonn & Director for ECMWF Engagement with the EU

Antonio Garutti

Head of the Telecommunication System Project Office, ESA

Jérémie Godet

Acting Head of Unit, Secure Connectivity and Space Surveillance, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Manuel Heitor

Chair, Expert Group on the Interim evaluation of Horizon Europe

Massimo Mercati

Head of ESA Security Office, ESA

Luca del Monte

Head of Commercialisation department, ESA

David Dana

Head of Disruptive Tech & Innovation VC Investments, European Investment Fund

Antonella Calvia-Goetz

Lead Economic Advisor focusing on funding Space and Ocean Technologies, EIB

Claire Jolly

Head for Ocean Economy & Space Economy, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD

Philippe Bertrand

Chair of the Security Accreditation Board, EUSPA

Graham Turnock

Integrated Accelerator Team Leader, ESA

Dr. Alexander MacDonald

Chief Economist, NASA

Matthew Koeppe

Europe Representative, NASA

Tushar Phadnis

Technical Liaison Officer, ISRO

Matthias Ruete

Former Director General, and Coordinator for digital rail management for the transeuropean network, DG MOVE, European Commission

Pierre Bahurel

Director-General, Mercator Ocean International

Heinrich Krispler

Project Officer GOVSATCOM, EDA

Miguel Belló Mora

Chief Executive Officer, Orbex

Benoit Deper

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Aerospacelab

Hervé Derrey

President and Chief Executive Officer, Thales Alenia Space

Julie Duclercq

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ternwaves

Pedro Duque

Chairman, Hispasat

Marco Fuchs

Chief Executive Officer, OHB SE

Hélène Huby

Chief Executive Officer, The Exploration Company

Juan Tomas Hernani

Chief Executive Officer, Satlantis - President, YEESS

Stéphane Israël

Chief Executive Officer, Arianespace

Rolf Kozlowski

Managing Director, DLR-GfR

Tristan Laurent

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Absolut Sensing

Yohann Leroy

Chief Executive Officer, MaiaSpace

Romain Lucken

Chief Executive Officer, Share My Space

Chiara Manfletti

Chief Executive Officer, Neuraspace

Stanislas Maximin

Chief Executive Officer, Latitude

Charlotte Neyret

Chief Executive Officer, European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Moritz Novak

Chief Executive Officer, Gate Space

André Oliveira

Chief Executive Officer, NEO

Miguel Miranda

Chief Executive Officer, AIR Center

Luigi Pasquali

Chief Executive Officer, Telespazio

Olivier Piepsz

President, Prométhée Earth Intelligence

Gabriele Pieralli

Chief Operating Officer, Telespazio

Ruy Pinto

Chief Executive Officer, SES

Alexander Reissner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Enpulsion

Martin Sion

Chief Executive Officer, ArianeGroup

Rolf Skatteboe

Chief Executive Officer, KSAT

Luc Tytgat

Executive Director, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Jean Marc Nasr

President, ASD-Eurospace and Executive Vice President Space Systems, Airbus

Sebastian Fedeli

Procurement & Sales Director, Spaceopal GmbH

Marc Pilorget

Chief of Staff, Unseenlabs

Christian Schmierer

Co-Chief Executive Officer, HyImpulse

Adrian Zevenbergen

CEO, European Space Imaging (EUSI)

Stella Guillen

Chief Commercial Officer, Isar Aerospace

Steven Rutgers

Chief Commercial Officer, Arianespace

Kyle Acierno

Managing Director, Off World

Juan Enrique González Laguna

Managing Director, Startical

Roberto Mulatti

Managing Director for Space, Serco Europe

Francisco Vilhena da Cunha

Chief Executive Officer, GEOSAT

Massimo Claudio Comparini

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ESVP Observation, Exploration and Navigation, Thales Alenia Space

Fernando García Martínez-Peñalver

Executive Vice President, Indra

Xavier Llairo

Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Pangea Aerospace

Jorge Potti

Chief Strategy Officer, GMV

Jean-Hubert Lenotte

Chief Strategy and Resources Officer, Eutelsat

Cécilia Matissart

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, ArianeGroup

Markus Möller

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, OHB

Nicolas Capet

Vice-President, YEESS

Jean-Marie Bétermier

Executive Vice-President Space, Safran Electronics & Defense and Chief Executive Officer, Safran Data Systems

Florence Dufrasnes

Vice-President Technical Strategy, Research & Development, Space Systems, Airbus

Karen Florschuetz

Executive Vice-President Connected Intelligence, Airbus

Pablo Gallego Sanmiguel

Senior Vice President, Sales & Customers, PLD SPACE

Francois Gaullier

Senior Vice President Constellations, Airbus Defence and Space

Rosario Ruiloba

Vice-President of Business Development, Unseenlabs

Marc-Henri Serre

Senior Vice President of Telecommunications, Thales Alenia Space

Laurent Jaffart

Vice President - Head of Strategy, Corporate and New Business Development, Airbus Defence and Space

Elodie Viau

Head of Space Systems Engineering, Airbus Defence and Space

Olivier Lemaitre

Secretary General, Eurospace

Antonio Blandini

Chair of the Board, ESRE

André Dias

Head of Space and Digital, CEIIA

Mariella Graziano

Director of Science, Exploration and Transportation strategy, GMV

Jurry de la Mar

Director Science and Space Programmes, T-Systems

Enrique Fraga

General Manager Space Systems, GMV

Pierre Lionnet

Research & Managing Director, Eurospace

Nicolas Lefort

Head of New Markets, MBDA

Marta Massimiani

Presidency Spokesperson, YEESS and Acting Director of Business Development Europe, SATLANTIS

Emir Sirage

Executive Director, Agenda New Space Portugal

Kwame Adu Agyekum

Lecturer, Researcher and Project Manager GMES Africa

Andreas Boschen

Director of the SESAR joint undertaking

Alberto Mazzola

Executive Director, CER

Hermann Ludwig Moeller

Director, ESPI

Clay Mowry

President, IAF

Eric Even

Head of Integrated Space Systems - Airbus Connected Intelligence, Airbus Defence and Space

Catherine Bender

Head of Unit, Advisory Services, EIB

Elizabeth Langlois

Sales Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

Fabrizio Morgera

Loan Officer, Equity Growth Capital and Project Finance

Lynn Zoenen

Principal, Alpine Space Ventures

Anthea Comellini

Thales Alenia Space Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer & ESA Astronaut Reserve

Eric Tschirhart

Special Advisor to the Rector, UNIVERSEH European University

Leo Buchner

President of EUROAVIA International Board

Carole Mundell

Director of Science, ESA

Emma Gatti

Editor in Chief, SpaceWatch.Global

Nathalie Stéphenne

Attachée, Direction de la Nature et des Espaces Verts, Service Public de Wallonie

Thierry Cotelle

President, NEREUS

Marco Aliberti

Associated Manager and Lead on International Engagement, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)

Rolf Janovsky

Director Predevelopment, Space System Studies and Proposals, OHB

Carla Montesi

Director for Green Deal, Digital Agenda, DG INTPA, European Commisssion

Tomasz Husak

Adviser Digital Agenda and Data Technologies, DG INTPA, European Commission

Pedro Narro

Policy Officer - Climate, Energy and Green Deal, Commission for the Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE), European Committee of the Regions

Michal Brichta

Director of Slovak Space Office - Industry Branch

Lara Tassan Zanin

Head of the EIB Group Office in Romania

Benedikta Von Seherr-Thoss

Managing Director for Peace, Security and Defence, European External Action Service